Unfortunately, the tireless efforts of our teams, who have been at his side day and night for several months, have not enabled us to save our beloved stallion.

We share of course the grief of Richard and Audrey, his breeders and still owners. We are grateful that they entrusted us with their crack from the very start of his breeding career. Tohether, we have brought BY CERA up to the European stallion elite. There isn’t a breeder or rider who hasn’t heard about the rare quality of his offspring, which is sure to keep BY CERA shining for many years to come.

BY CERA’s intelligence, kindness and incredible strength of character enabled him to fight so brilliantly for several months. Unfortunately, nature decided otherwise. We sincerely would like to thank the whole team who fought so hard for this endearing horse, who never counted their time and who were determined to ensure that he lived in the best possible conditions.

It is a particularly dark day for our team. With a very heavy heart, we have to inform you that BY CERA D’ICK passed away.