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About us



The starting point of the FRANCE ETALONS adventure is the friendship between two veterinarians Michel GUIOT, breeder of the “De Talma” horses, and Denis HUBERT, breeder of the “Manciais” horses. These two friends and passionated breeders decided to ally their forces and to create this new venture.


This is the number of stallions whose breeding careers we manage. 30 of them are available with fresh & chilled semen during the season and the whole year round with frozen semen, both in France and abroad with our partners.


Our stallions are already available in 28 countries worldwide. With chilled semen being available in most of Europe, their frozen semen is sent to numerous countries around the globe thanks to our partners and our team.


Our team continuously grows along with your trust. We guide you daily in your breeding choices, to sign contracts but also to share your breeding successes …


We are deeply attached to the Selle Français studbook, with whom we have a tight collaboration. Thus we naturally present all our stallions at the Selle Français Studbook grading, but it is as important to us to get them licensed abroad if possible and relevant.


stallions of our catalogue are labelled “Selle Français Originel” This means that they descend from at least 4 generations of horses presenting only SF constituent bloodlines: Selle Français, Thoroughbred, Anglo-Arabian and Trotter.

Our team

Michel Guiot

Founder & Veterinarian, breeder (« de Talma »)
Talma stud farm

Denis Hubert

Founder & Veterinarian, breeder (« Manciais »)
St Lô stud farm

Maxime Denis

Head of Operations: Marketing, Export
Talma stud farm

Maéva Ruault

Head of Operations: Management
& French market

Laura Manetta

Talma stud farm

Justine Limal

Administration & french breeding contracts
Talma stud farm

Hélène Savina

St Lô stud farm

Eugénie Perrin


Manon Fournier

Export: logistics and administrative

Lisa Mäder

Export: Sales & Development manager